Project views explained

By Allo Team Jun 30, 2021
Jun 30, 2021

Projects are where you organize the canvases. Allo provides three ways for you to view the projects. The kanban view, the calendar view, and the list view. In this article, we will talk about:

  • What the kanban view is
  • What the calendar view is
  • What the list view is
  • How to switch between different project views

Kanban View

When the project is under the kanban view, canvases are displayed as sortable cards. You can customize your workflow for left to right progress or simply group different documents into different columns. You can drag and drop canvases to different columns, or drag and drop the columns to reorganize the orders.

Calendar View

When the project is under the calendar view, canvases are displayed as cards inside of a calendar format. This view is a great way for meeting notes with more functions to come 😉 . Canvases will be displayed by the due date (if there is one) or the date created (if there is no due date). Change the due date by dragging and dropping the canvas between dates or right-click to modify the due time.

List View

The list view is the most similar to a traditional file folder. When the project is under the list view, canvases are displayed as individual rows. You are able to arrange the canvases by due dates, or by the owners, etc. by clicking on the headers and using the filter selections above.

Switching Project Views

While you were asked to select a default project view when first creating a new project, you can view the project with different views anytime by switching them from the top right inside a project. If you want to change the default view of the project completely, click "Set view as default".

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