⚙️ Increase productivity by utilizing Canvas details

By Allo Team Feb 14, 2022
Feb 14, 2022

We use canvases to collaborate and communicate, document meeting notes and discussions, and plan and iterate projects. And canvas details can be set to help you achieve your goals and organize your tasks more efficiently. For each canvas, we can set its color, assignees, collaborators, date and time, tags, location, reminders, tasks, and section. We will explain what they are and how you can set them up one by one below.


  • A color can be assigned to each canvas. When you first create the canvas, a random color will be assigned as the default.
  • Setting colors help to organize and label different kinds of projects, meetings, events, etc. you may have.

Assignees and collaborators

  • People who're added as assignees or collaborators will be automatically subscribed to the canvas and receive notifications about the activities on this canvas.
  • Note: If you are an assignee or a collaborator of the canvas but do not want to receive notifications, you can turn the notification off by clicking the bell icon and selecting "Notifications off" instead of "Get notifications" under canvas details when you're inside the canvas.

Date and time

  • This is the date and time that the canvas card will be displayed based on in the Calendar view.
  • If you decide to give the canvas a date and time, the due date will be the first thing you'll be setting. You can also add on due time, start date, and start time if they are needed.
  • To set a due time, toggle off the "All day" toggle and select a time from the dropdown menu.


  • Tags can be given both a name and a color. Each canvas can have as many tags as needed.
  • To add more tags, click "Create a new tag", customize the name and color, and click "Create".
  • To modify an existing tag, click the pencil icon at the right, give it a new name and/or color, and click "Save".


  • Location is a useful property you can set when you are using the canvas to document a meeting, a discussion, or a workshop.
  • Paste in a Zoom link address or enter the location for the event so everyone who will be participating knows where it is happening.


  • You can set reminders at and before the start or due date and time of the canvas.
  • When editing the canvas details, click "Add reminder" and select when you'll like to receive the reminder. You can set multiple reminders for one canvas.
  • When the time you selected comes, you will receive a notification through the Allo app (both desktop and mobile apps).
  • Note: Everyone who's subscribed to the canvas will be receiving the same notifications no matter who set them.


  • Tasks are useful when want to quickly jot down some to-dos for a project.
  • Click "+ Add a task" to enter the content, and hit "enter" on your keyboard when finish.
  • Click the checkmark at the left to mark the task completed and click it again to mark in uncompleted.
  • You can create as many tasks as you wish and even change their orders by dragging and dropping them directly.


  • This is the section that the canvas card will be displayed based on in the Kanban view and the List view.
  • It helps to organize and group canvases within the same project.

How to set canvas details?

Except for "Tasks" being able to be set only when inside a canvas, all the other canvas details can be set at two places: 1) At the right sidebar inside the canvas or 2) when inside a project, click on the three dots on the top right of the canvas card (when using Kanban view) or right-click the canvas card (when using Calendar or List view) and click "Edit canvas details". Depending on the project view you're currently using, additional ways of setting your canvas details may be available.

Kanban view

Canvas color, assignee, and date and time

  • These components can be set by hovering over the canvas card and clicking on the attribute you'll like to modify.


  • To change the section of the canvas in the Kanban view, simply drag and drop a canvas card from one section to another.

Calendar view

Date and time

  • Drag and drop the canvas card to change the date and time directly in the Calendar view.
  • Drag and drop the whole canvas to change the whole date or time block.
  • Drag and drop the right edge (when in monthly view) or the bottom edge (when in weekly view) of the canvas to change the due date or time.

List view

Canvas color, assignee, date and time, and tags

  • These components can be set by hovering over the canvas row and clicking on the attribute you'll like to modify.


  • To change the section of the canvas under the List view, simply drag and drop a canvas row from one section to another.

Note: When inside a canvas, the order of the canvas details can be changed by dragging and dropping the sections directly.

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